Spark -by Naomi Matayoshi

This 2021 I started with Japanese short novel, book is full of reality checks and positivity.


The story is weird in itself. But its weirdness is beauty. This is a story of friendship and living life to its fullest. It shows hope beyond all fear and insecurities. The language is lucid. But few Japanese terms which you will get to know as you progress in the story.


It’s a story of two men, as a student and teacher, sometimes friends, and as a competitive performer. 

Kamiya is a comedian, and his content attracts Tokunaga. So, he joined Kamiya as his student. Kamiya demands him to write his biography in different volumes. So, he keeps Tokunaga with himself most of the time. Time passes on, Tokunaga knows Kamiya as a true manzai artist because he doesn’t pretend to be something his surroundings demand. But he loves to be true whether people criticize or praise him.

Tokunaga has a manzai partner, both of them are pretty good in their arts. They are known as Spark. They are upcoming stars of the manzai world. But Kamiya does not appreciate this. He wants Tokunaga to present himself fit according to the audience. Due to personal stuff, Tokunaga’s partner has to retire himself from manzai art. Sparks performs its last show on the stage with true emotions having both tears and waves of laughter. Even Kamiya praises their performance.

As Sparks separated, their both partner chose different paths to earn their livelihood. One day Kamiya’s manzai partner called Tokunaga and asked about his whereabouts. It seems Kamiya is missing. Tokunaga tried to find him in every possible way. But all efforts go vain. One day he got a call from an unknown number. He received the phone call, and it was Kamiya on another side. He asked him to meet him. Tokunaga met him. And like old days their drunken and bizarre conversation starts. But this time, Kamiya presents himself in a different state.

What is that state? Is Kamiya did some blunder?

Spark is not about people. It is about their ignition, which keeps them going in the life journey.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

You can’t do banzai just by being clever. Only fools who honestly believe they’re genuine fools can make it happen.

Significance of good movie in your life?

As we always into our daily chores. Sometimes we may take a break but, sometimes we don’t. But when we sat for some innovative or creative work, we find our brain as a blank page. In the hassle of daily chores, we forget our desirous innovative perspective. So, to refill your imaginative craves, movies and series come very proficiently. It also carries some enthralling benefits to our lives. These are:

  • It relaxes you.
  • It transports you to a different world.
  • It inspires you to keep thinking about the endless possibilities life holds.
  • Sparked you to dream more.
  • It changes your perspective of many things.
  • Keeps you enthusiastic about the things going around you.

Happy Reading AND Watching!!

Inferno- A Review

Ring around the Rosie. A pocketful of posies. Ashes, ashes. We all fall down.

Derived from the Great Plaque of London in 1665. A reference to a rose-colored pustule on the skin that developed a ring around it and indicated that one was infected. Sufferers would carry a pocketful of poises is an effort to mask the smell of their own decaying bodies as well as the stench of the city itself, where hundreds of plaque victims dropped dead daily, their bodies then cremated. Ashes, ashes. We all fall down.

Nothing is more creative…nor destructive ..than a brilliant mind with a purpose.

Book– Inferno

Author– Dan Brown

Genre– Historical Fiction


This book gave me a one-way ticket to magical places. The storyline is the same as other stories about symbology expert professor Robert Langdon, who traveled to different places to untangle the mysteries. This time Brown has to swirl his magic pen on the art of poetry. You feel awestruck after analyzing the hidden meaning of every line of the poem. As compared to his other works,  he initiated this story with confusion, And this essence of the dilemma is present in every character of this story. 

The main character of this book woke up at the hospital with a head injury and amnesia. The plot of the story goes around Italy, Istanbul, and many historical places. The most intriguing character is the villain. He has a righteous motive but somehow took a wrong path.

{He is “The Shade”- The man who wears a mask with green eyes and a beaky nose.}

He is a coveted fan of Dante Aligheri’s work- The Divine Comedy- Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. This poetic theme around which everything revolves. Robert has many allies and foes, but they keep on changing sides according to situations. This phase changing process brings loads of twists and turns in the plot.

Apart from all these, reading this novel in this pandemic situation…Ummm not a good idea. It makes you feel everything going around you is real.   Brown’s pennig style keeps its pace in a plump momentum as it retains its reader’s heart racing. The book is a complete page-turner (maybe you bound to skip your routine).

When it came to the circumstances of the world, denial had become a global pandemic.

My Ratings:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Why Journalling is Necessary?

By Annie J

Hi Folks!! Work in a hassle is always there regardless you are at work or home. You cannot stop your racing mind. You will feel like you are up to doing an unending job. (As if someone tagged every kind of work at your brain.) Results in anger/frustration and passivity. So here are some of the benefits:

  • It declutters your thoughts (like a manager).
  • You can speak of your mind and heart, evoke your creativity (just like best buddies).
  • It helps you to clear out the clouds in front of your goals (like motivational guru).
  • You can pour out your emotions, heals you inside out (like a secret emotional partner).
  • It keeps you on the track on daily dozens,  promotes self-discipline (mindfulness with nature)
Journaling with colours

A Brief History of Time- A Review

Humanity’s deepest desire for knowledge is justification enough for our continuing quest. And your goal is nothing less than a complete description of the universe we live in.”

In this book, Stephen W. Hawking laid down his years of groundbreaking research in theoretical physics into the form of a book. He aims to “explain how far we had come in our understanding of the universe, ” and man-kind might be close to finding a unifies theory of the cosmos.

It’s not technical writing but like a story about the universe and its curators. 

The most astonishing fact about that, it holds its place on the New York Times bestseller list for 147 weeks and 247 weeks on the Times London bestseller list. 

The Hawking clearly broke down the complex in theoretical physics, along with his deft use of humor and analogy, won over many readers who might have otherwise found themselves intimidated by such material.

Hawking himself and along with others have long joked that many people purchase his book because it made them look smart but never bothered to read it.  “Brief History of Time” was probably that least read, most-bought book ever, ” Leonard Mlodinow, a physicist at the California Institute of Technology, told NPR.


It begins from the Big Bang theory and goes to the concept of Black holes. This book is a journey to introduce yourself to the biggest questions of your existence. Once you see the book, it gives you the illusion of being tough to read.  Once you start over, you drool over the imaginative world inside the book. I must say, this book has in its very own simplistic tone. The most complex issues were defined or explained in a flick.

This book not only targets the intellectuals but those who are seekers of their existence or wants to know about the UNIVERSE.

If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason for then we know the mind of God.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Mystery of Universe

Suheldev- A Review

Darkness does not win because it is strong. It wins because the lamps stop fighting.

Book: Suheldev

Author: Amish and An Immortal Writers’ Centre Book

Genre: Historical Fiction

This book belongs to Indian historical fiction. The writers’ did a great job by bringing such a legendary unsung hero in limelight. The patriotism is dripping from every inch of the book. The stories and fables and their characters are so much like woven in the same string systematic manner. The portrait of every character is alluring in itself. It is a journey oneself from childhood anger to young matured vengeance. Along with making huge personal sacrifices, displaying huge courage to defend their mother.

The whole story sets in 11th century India. It begins with the devastation of civilians and the destruction of Somnath temple by the army of Mahmud of Ghazni. Then the book took its pace and shows the transformation of carefree Prince to bandit-Prince, a leader, to warrior-hero king Suheldev. He was the hero who believes in uniting whole India, thinks beyond every caste, creed, religion, and gender. By doing so, he made the indestructible barrier in front of Turkic hordes, and in the battles of Bahraich, he destroys every last man standing in that army.  From that day, till 150 years, India rejoices the years of peace.

This is also Amish’s first literary work under the Immortal Writers’ Centre, a team of outstanding writers.

A death in pursuit of victory is better than a life lived in compromise with death.

My Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Heroic Tale

The Palace of Illusions- A Review

She was the only consort that dared accompany the Pandavas on his final, fearsome adventure when she fell, she did not weep, but only raised her hand in the save farewell.

The narrative shorts with the scene of Great Yagna, the Birth of Draupadi and his brother of Panchaal, story swings between flashbacks and present, keep the base of the important characters. The young princess is rebellious, tomboyish, craving for his father’s attention. She is always in conflict with the custom around her. But soon, she has to bow down the infant of her destiny for a greater cause.

And it all starts with swayamvar where she has to pick Arjuna over Karna. Next, her mother-in-law, Queen Kunti asks her to wed all her five sons, without her consent. Now that small rebellious princess turned into the queen of all times. The picturization of circumstances is very interesting where Queen Draupadi took the upper hand in the kingdom and sets her position and importance in the eyes of her husbands. The authoress also explores the chemistry between Arjuna and Draupadi but dies soon after her marriage to Arjuna’s brothers. Towards the end, Draupadi is left with piercing feelings of love fo Karna. The name of the novel comes from the architectural marvel, the house of Pandavas. The Palace of Illusions is full of optical tricks and stands straight with pride. The Kauravas visited them and found themselves awestruck and lost. Later, in her arrogance and ignorance, mocked their confusion and later became the major cause which led to the Great War between the two families.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Palace of Illusion-Synopsis

“…aren’t we all pawns in the hands of Time, the greatest player of then all?”

The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni


Its a message to those who say Feminism is a 20th-century thing. Need to turn the pages of history like Ramayana and Mahabharata and pick any female protagonist of that era. They are all female strong character, the unsung legends. 

Divakaruni has not given only voice to Draupadi but to all women kind. She raises a lot of questions about society’s drama and drools, like education behavior, status, etc,. Somewhere we are all Draupadi trapped in different bodies asking the same questions again and again.

The legendary mythological opening gates shows the Draupadi’s childhood, the stories of her birth and the prophecy adjoints with her birth is well explained by Draupadi’s Dhai Ma. Draupadi tries to unveil every aspect of her many crossroads like “the days of adolescents”, “the day of Swayamvar”- later as the daughter of the kingdom Panchaal and the wife of the five Pandavas. Her destiny takes her to the Great War of Kuruksetra and lastly, her passage into the other world. The authoress doesn’t change the start nor disturbs its ending, but above all gave a fresh new prospectives. The images, the notions, the decisions, the feelings through Draupadi’s eyes- the woman who was destined to be a cause of the Great War.

Sand Crux- Prompt Writing

Who Doesn’t Want to Have SUPERPOWERS in Them?? Begin your week with PERKY PROMPTS. Unleash your superpowers to takeover every task on your table. THAT WILL BE AWESOME!! So, come back from dreamland, and have a break with little reading of prompt at Monday evening with your snackies.

Accidental Superpowers

Sand Crux

A wide window with ragged curtains. The faint light of dawn seeping from those dreaded holes of curtains. A man has curled himself on the mat in the shape of a fetus. The face of the man is drenched with pearls of sweat and anxious eyeballs are moving beneath those closed eyelids. At one of the corners of the room, a canvas laid carelessly along with few bottles of colored sands. The man’s anxious face is now turned into fearful expression. After a few moments, wind entered into his room and vanishes like a cloud of smoke. The man woke up and breathing heavily, trying to figure out the present. He runs his eyes across the room. Nothing was different except the corner of the room having a blank canvas. Something seems to be drawn on that canvas. The man recalled his last activity. But he never drew anything from the past 4 years because he was not an artist. The painting contains a picture of large and ferocious fire, blazing the bridge nearby. After two days, the same incident took place. The man got terrified by this accident and looked towards his colored sands. On the canvas, sands are taking shape of another mishap, which he can only stop in reality. 

~~By Annie

Promising Thursday Prompt~ Evanesce- A Recipe

Hey Folks!! Though I am in the process to de-clutter my schedule. So, long awaited and equally pending prompts are here. I’ll try to put up prompts on every promising Thursday.
This time I try to portrait a situation or you can say a story in a form of recipe procedure.
Enjoy this with evening snackies or late night junkies.

Shireen vanished for 18 years. She wrote a note, safely placed at her school’s locker which was found by Raven.

Step 1:- Cut down your existing IDs into small pieces.

Step 2:- Take a bin, ignite the fire using match sticks.

Step 3:- Pour all your IDs pieces into the bin. Later, add a little amount of kerosene oil.

Step 4:- Add bitter juices of deletion in all your social media account and crush finely the sim card of your phone (most important step).

Step 5:- Without peeling any pages, sleeves or cover, burn all your close-to-your-heart belongings like toys and small collective items (for no essence of memories),

Step 6:- Lastly, pour a good amount of flammable liquid (like gasoline) all over the house.

Step 7:- Put a dash of belongings in your bag (for survival purpose)

Step 8:- Take the last look of your parents. As they are already in deep sleep because of strong sleep-inducing medicines. Stir your emotions for the final step. 

Step 9:- Ablaze the flames at high intensity, so that every part of your memories get roast, leaving no trace of your old life.

Step 10:- Final Step. Garnish your plan by buying a ticket to an unknown place where nobody recognizes you. Lastly, never look back because all are placed and packed.

~~~~By Annie