Spark -by Naomi Matayoshi

This 2021 I started with Japanese short novel, book is full of reality checks and positivity.


The story is weird in itself. But its weirdness is beauty. This is a story of friendship and living life to its fullest. It shows hope beyond all fear and insecurities. The language is lucid. But few Japanese terms which you will get to know as you progress in the story.


It’s a story of two men, as a student and teacher, sometimes friends, and as a competitive performer. 

Kamiya is a comedian, and his content attracts Tokunaga. So, he joined Kamiya as his student. Kamiya demands him to write his biography in different volumes. So, he keeps Tokunaga with himself most of the time. Time passes on, Tokunaga knows Kamiya as a true manzai artist because he doesn’t pretend to be something his surroundings demand. But he loves to be true whether people criticize or praise him.

Tokunaga has a manzai partner, both of them are pretty good in their arts. They are known as Spark. They are upcoming stars of the manzai world. But Kamiya does not appreciate this. He wants Tokunaga to present himself fit according to the audience. Due to personal stuff, Tokunaga’s partner has to retire himself from manzai art. Sparks performs its last show on the stage with true emotions having both tears and waves of laughter. Even Kamiya praises their performance.

As Sparks separated, their both partner chose different paths to earn their livelihood. One day Kamiya’s manzai partner called Tokunaga and asked about his whereabouts. It seems Kamiya is missing. Tokunaga tried to find him in every possible way. But all efforts go vain. One day he got a call from an unknown number. He received the phone call, and it was Kamiya on another side. He asked him to meet him. Tokunaga met him. And like old days their drunken and bizarre conversation starts. But this time, Kamiya presents himself in a different state.

What is that state? Is Kamiya did some blunder?

Spark is not about people. It is about their ignition, which keeps them going in the life journey.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

You can’t do banzai just by being clever. Only fools who honestly believe they’re genuine fools can make it happen.

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