Suheldev- A Review

Darkness does not win because it is strong. It wins because the lamps stop fighting.

Book: Suheldev

Author: Amish and An Immortal Writers’ Centre Book

Genre: Historical Fiction

This book belongs to Indian historical fiction. The writers’ did a great job by bringing such a legendary unsung hero in limelight. The patriotism is dripping from every inch of the book. The stories and fables and their characters are so much like woven in the same string systematic manner. The portrait of every character is alluring in itself. It is a journey oneself from childhood anger to young matured vengeance. Along with making huge personal sacrifices, displaying huge courage to defend their mother.

The whole story sets in 11th century India. It begins with the devastation of civilians and the destruction of Somnath temple by the army of Mahmud of Ghazni. Then the book took its pace and shows the transformation of carefree Prince to bandit-Prince, a leader, to warrior-hero king Suheldev. He was the hero who believes in uniting whole India, thinks beyond every caste, creed, religion, and gender. By doing so, he made the indestructible barrier in front of Turkic hordes, and in the battles of Bahraich, he destroys every last man standing in that army.  From that day, till 150 years, India rejoices the years of peace.

This is also Amish’s first literary work under the Immortal Writers’ Centre, a team of outstanding writers.

A death in pursuit of victory is better than a life lived in compromise with death.

My Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Heroic Tale

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