The Palace of Illusions- A Review

She was the only consort that dared accompany the Pandavas on his final, fearsome adventure when she fell, she did not weep, but only raised her hand in the save farewell.

The narrative shorts with the scene of Great Yagna, the Birth of Draupadi and his brother of Panchaal, story swings between flashbacks and present, keep the base of the important characters. The young princess is rebellious, tomboyish, craving for his father’s attention. She is always in conflict with the custom around her. But soon, she has to bow down the infant of her destiny for a greater cause.

And it all starts with swayamvar where she has to pick Arjuna over Karna. Next, her mother-in-law, Queen Kunti asks her to wed all her five sons, without her consent. Now that small rebellious princess turned into the queen of all times. The picturization of circumstances is very interesting where Queen Draupadi took the upper hand in the kingdom and sets her position and importance in the eyes of her husbands. The authoress also explores the chemistry between Arjuna and Draupadi but dies soon after her marriage to Arjuna’s brothers. Towards the end, Draupadi is left with piercing feelings of love fo Karna. The name of the novel comes from the architectural marvel, the house of Pandavas. The Palace of Illusions is full of optical tricks and stands straight with pride. The Kauravas visited them and found themselves awestruck and lost. Later, in her arrogance and ignorance, mocked their confusion and later became the major cause which led to the Great War between the two families.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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