Sand Crux- Prompt Writing

Who Doesn’t Want to Have SUPERPOWERS in Them?? Begin your week with PERKY PROMPTS. Unleash your superpowers to takeover every task on your table. THAT WILL BE AWESOME!! So, come back from dreamland, and have a break with little reading of prompt at Monday evening with your snackies.

Accidental Superpowers

Sand Crux

A wide window with ragged curtains. The faint light of dawn seeping from those dreaded holes of curtains. A man has curled himself on the mat in the shape of a fetus. The face of the man is drenched with pearls of sweat and anxious eyeballs are moving beneath those closed eyelids. At one of the corners of the room, a canvas laid carelessly along with few bottles of colored sands. The man’s anxious face is now turned into fearful expression. After a few moments, wind entered into his room and vanishes like a cloud of smoke. The man woke up and breathing heavily, trying to figure out the present. He runs his eyes across the room. Nothing was different except the corner of the room having a blank canvas. Something seems to be drawn on that canvas. The man recalled his last activity. But he never drew anything from the past 4 years because he was not an artist. The painting contains a picture of large and ferocious fire, blazing the bridge nearby. After two days, the same incident took place. The man got terrified by this accident and looked towards his colored sands. On the canvas, sands are taking shape of another mishap, which he can only stop in reality. 

~~By Annie

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