Girl, Woman, Other

Girl, Woman, Other- By Bernadine Evaristo

Deals with Everything

A Review

Here’s the story of 12 women, stretching from present-day London across the century and the length of the country. Evaristo gave us a new dimension towards the diversity of today’s Britain.

Different lives somehow are woven into each other. Different perspectives need of situation and daring decisions. Fight for themselves and their loved ones. The central characters of the novel originated from countries like Nigeria, Ethiopia, the Caribbean, Scotland tabled as ‘BLACK’.

Racial differences and somewhat gender differences are highlighted to understand their confusion, agitation, and struggles for social and equally against the ideologies of society-which links them together not only a woman but as a human. Bernadine Evaristo very well defines the way to raise children and provide direction for their careers and their careers. She tells so much about how we love and how we grieve for ourselves and others. It’s quite tricky to keep a hold on every story. But still, you will love to live with each one of them.

Evaristo wrote this novel in a prose-poetry hybrid style that flows and feels right, with the pace, layout of words matched to the character’s voices.

The surprise element rests in the epilogue, which has one main character who thinks herself as white is surprised to discover “only 17 percent of her was British”. Evaristo celebrates the mix of African and British in all of our DNA; moreover, she captures the shared experiences that make us one “Human Family”.

I’ll define this literary art as 



Rating: 4 out of 5.

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