A Sip of Treasure

When they ran out of the soda, Dominique rushes towards the fridge, but he found none. By seeing this he got a panic attack and his heart arrested. 

In the last memory, Alex remembered about his father. The house full of richness, Alex’s life has everything which fulfills his every desire. With arrogance on his smart face, his body attired with three-piece Armani suit having diamond-studded cuffing, made him look rich like nobody else in the town. But, emptiness in his heart kept on piercing him like needles, which can be seen in his cold eyes.

One day, he got drunk at his office party. On his way home, he bought a crate of beer cans. That was the same liquor shop where his father purchases his alcoholic beverages. He reached home late carelessly on the sofa and switched on his television.

Suddenly, he felt something fell on the floor. With fumbling feet, he got up and start walking towards the direction from where the noise came  and murmured,

“What the hell is this? Why nobody gives me a minute rest?”

Then he picked up the red hardcover book, which fell near his fridge and tries to analyze that by saying, 

“From where exactly this book came? Because my bookshelf is placed in my bedroom, not in the dining room.” 

By observing that book, he came back and sat on his sofa.

He opened the first page of the book, in that, it was written “WAKE UP” The handwriting bears similarity like his father’s. 

Alex flipped the other pages of the book and found a piece of paper. It was some kind of map, Alex said, 

“OK!! Which kind of map this is?? ” 

Then he realized it was some kind of treasure map, which his father searched for his whole life. Then suddenly, Alex’s eyes got distracted due to something, which was glistening brightly. He carefully locked towards his beer crate and then picked up an orange soda can which has the “WAKE UP” label. 

Alex thought, “Am I dreaming or this is reality?” 

He opened the soda can and sat infant of that treasure map. Looking with his been eyes, to analyze the routes and coordinates of that map. 

He said to himself, “I can decipher the coordinates, but where to begin? Where’s the entrance?” 

Lost in his thoughts, he took a sip from the can “WAKE UP” orange soda. Suddenly, a bright flash of light appears from the map and Alex vanishes in that flash.


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