Well wisher in Disguise

“Its feels wonderful that the thing you wished in your heart comes to you as a form of gift.” SO, here’s The WEEKEND and Here’s the WEEKEND PROMPT!!

Surprise!! Surprise!!

The school bell rings and he woke up. But, he felt sheer pain in his heart because he was not one of them. A boy named Rick always wanders around a school. He loves to see the uniform, children’s activities, their books. But he was not that privileged one to get inside that school because he was very poor. 

One day the nearby school organized the “Fantasy Disney Land” amusement park for kids. Those who are interested can participate and three kids will get straight admission and scholarship. For participation, Rick needed a pass that he doesn’t have. 

Rodrick, the head boy of the school with nerdy grey eyes left with only one pass and don’t understand what to do. 

He thought “I don’t know whom to give?? Maybe someone deserving..but where to find?”

Suddenly, his eyes caught a glimpse of Rick, who was sitting at the gate of an amusement park and watching aimlessly. 

He walked towards Rick and asked, “Hey!! Do you like to read or you know how to read??”

Rick answered, “Yes, Of course!! I studied until third grade. Later, I didn’t able to go to school as I don’t have money. “

Rodrick walked away with a nod and didn’t say a word. After a few moments, some big boys of school ambushed Rick and left him on the roadside. But, Rick didn’t get hurt and he got up, tidied himself a bit by removing all dirt from his clothes. Then, he felt something in his pocket. He pulled a paper from his pocket and he jumped with happiness. Its a coupon for “Amusement Park”. His eyes brightens with hope and smiled with joy. He rushed towards the gate of the park and entered. He came across the statue of “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs” and realized that third dwarfs eyes moved a bit. He got startled and watched carefully, then third dwarf winks at him with his grey eyes. Rick smiled and walked towards the competition counter.

-By Annie

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