Furious Innocence

Furious Innocence

After 10th grade, Cera’s friends changed their schools and she was left behind. Though the whole campus comprehended to her. Still,  alienation became her best companion. 2 to 3 months pass on without any changes. 

One day, during the morning session of the class, a boy enters. This person has confident yet mischievous look. As he dressed very unruly. He was a tall, fair, and medium built boy. His eyes filled with all kinds of devilry. His hairs were longer than usual boys in the classroom and middle-parted, which gave a nasty conception. Despite all, his both ears were pierced and had tiny rings on them. He usually comes to school by bike which had a dragon sticker on his fuel tank. Though they all wherein the same batch still many of the classmates used to call him “Big Brother”. His name was RALPH.

In the case of any quarrel settlement, decent boys loved to contact him and he always said: ” I’ll sort it out.” 

After every recess, he usually finds himself into some fight with other school’s boys. All boys of senior high school used to afraid and his impression on girls was vicious.

All his nuisance was gone unnoticed by teachers. Until one day, he was going to his room, passing through school outer building, and on his way, a boy was teasing Cera. According to his repulsive nature, he objected. He shouted on that boy and said, ‘What do you think you are doing?’ Then he ran towards him and caught that boy by his neck, and punched him furiously on his face. His face was dripping with anger and all his hairs spread across his face. Suddenly, he noticed the camera on top of that building where everything was recorded on the camera. Later, he got suspended. Nobody asked anything from Cera. Because she was mute by birth.

-by Annie

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