Hey Folks!! As we all are going all kinds of hassles in our life, but some our elder parents left behind. Still waiting for us and seeking same tenderness that we had in our childhood. Its time to stay back with them and cherish those moments and stitch more memories in our tapestry. So, ready for weekend prompt, here we go:



Once in a small town, there lived a girl with her parents and grandmother. She loved to spent her evening savouring chocolate milk while looking outside the window . Farms and trees stretched across the area. A small bird’s family stays at the nearby tree next to the Girl’s home.

After few months, the offsprings of that bird fitted themselves as new family members. Its very interesting for that girl to watch her feeding to her chicks and other activities. In the midst of all these, one fine day she heard some arguments between her father and grandmother. Her father said,

“Mother I think this house was getting too old and all the resources lies very far from this place, so I need to move to other place.”

Then grandmother told, “I never want to leave this house.”

All those things happened in front of that girl. Later, she has to move on with her parents, but she loves her grandmother too. Inspite of all these she sat in front of her favourite window and one evening she saw that bird’s chicks flew and left mother bird deserted. A very next day, farmer of that field cut down that tree to increase the area. On that evening when that girl saw that scenario, she startled and ran towards the field to check on that bird and she found her at nearby bushes. That bird continue to stay their.

This scenario filled her mind and heart with anxiousness and sadness. So, she went to her grandmother to told her about bird and asked her, 

“Granny, where those chicks gone? Are they never going to come?” 

Then her grandmother told her, “They found their own green darling….like your parents.” 

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