The Guinevere Deception

A Review:

“There was nothing in the world as magical and terrifying as a girl on the cusp of womanhood.”

Names that were titles gave power among men. True names gave power among the thing that came before men.”

The Guinevere Deception was such a stunning read, rending the legend of Arthur back to life through the eyes of Guinevere herself.

Princess Guinevere stepped to Camelot to the wed stranger: the charismatic King Arthur. With magic seeping at the borders of the kingdom, the great wizard and only stable friend of Arthur, merlin conjured a solution-send in Guinevere to be Arthur’s wife and rule beside him as his Queen and be his protector. King Arthur already brought many changes in Camelot including sending away his mentor and guardian, Merlin. Now Camelot is devoid of all magic..or at least, it is supposed to be.

But no one notices that the king’s new bride ties protective knots in her hair and binds the doorways of the castle with the spell. She is queen-not-queen. Is she bringing the magic back?? She is ready to give up everything to protect Arthur from the rise of Dark magic tat seek once again to destroy everything he’s worked so hard to build. There is a good resemblance of magic with the practical knowledge of embroidery, stitches, or making knots- arts available to women in the period being evoked. This gives the magic a very folksy and equally historic feel. I have been mesmerized by the way Kiersten  White wow her words together and readers will fall in love with every character they encounter, even the villains. 

One character twist, in particular, seemed to be intended to show me as it did Guinevere, but anyone familiar with the material will see it coming from the start. Though Guinevere does don’t know about herself. I loved how Kiersten navigated each facet of Guinevere.

Loved the romance parts they ‘re tender and sweet and full of this swelling passion. The story has a poetic touch, that flowed along so well that keep up the excitement of the reader.

 The narrator of the story has two perspectives, firstly  Guinevere and….(Find out). The second perspective is so much alluring and vexing, because every time you hear them, you want to get close and find out their secrets. The Guinevere Deception takes the familiar trappings of Arthurian legend and spins them into an earthy fantasy. 

This story will offer an enjoyable and even thoughtful entry into a mythos that has obsessed us for generations. I’m looking forward to find out more about her in the next book. Do yourself a favor and add this book in your Arthurian legend retellings/reimagining. 

My Rating:5/5   

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