Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine


This May I’ve decided to pick those reads which talks about mental health. This book is a voice which hovers in our mind. Loneliness- always around the corner, only the one has to accept it with open arms. Then try to accept others around you. This book is more like talking to your self. The author well played with the symphony of words. This book defines the real meaning of pals and the level of dedication towards an unspoken relationship. Though we ignore a lot many things in daily life these colorful things join every single bead of our life. In this hassle of life everyone has a corner which shouts a lot when there’s silence surrounds you. That’s LONELINESS. Sometimes loneliness engulfs us so much that we can’t able to hear life’s calling. To shut this down one has to need to clarify its vision about themselves and accept every bit of their skin whether it shows past or present. Sharing emotions or thoughts makes you lighter as ballon but absorbing things makes you heavier which pulls you down in the ocean of grief and Loneliness. 

The author creates every character so visible and dynamic. It is the kind of book you forget isn’t genuinely written by Eleanor itself.

The story is dramatic, dealing with trauma, depression, and human relationship. The delivery is quirky and full of life. The author successfully describes the psyche of the human through Eleanor’s troubled nature which simplifies with untiring compassion and patience of Raymond. Eleanor is simply beautiful. This is a cure or you can say a friend who understands the pain of loneliness.


Our lead character or protagonist is a damaged young woman. She is very much into her schedule like Monday to Friday office, lone lunch with crosswords, Wednesday Mum telecommunication, Weekend ends with vodka, and pizza. From the onset of the plot, the reader smells something missing about, which somewhat ends at social awkwardness. Her mother is institutionalized. She receives periodic visits from the social worker, who brings up a past incident involving a fire that Eleanor refuses to discuss. Then at her office, a messy looking guy Raymond popped up in her life. This guy brought some of the silver linings in her cloudy depressed life. 

Her background is very well defined in the section of the book named “BAD DAYS”. This included both trauma and abuse and the name “Marianne”. Her life contains relationships both real and imagined, she begins on the path to recovery-even romance. 

But!! Who is Marianne? Imaginary relationship? Is the mother of Eleanor was so suppressive?? Its Eleanor is FINE??

GRAB IT and find the ANSWERS!!!! My Ratings: 4.6/5

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